Certificate of Deposit

A Hatboro Federal Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a great way to manage your money when you are able to set aside funds you are not going to use for a while.

CDs pay a higher rate of interest than traditional savings or money market accounts. They are also ideal for investors who are uncomfortable with the unpredictability of the stock market.

Hatboro Federal offers fixed rate CDs with terms from 91 days to 5 years with a minimum investment of $1,000. Generally, the longer the term you invest for, the higher the interest rate you receive. Just choose the amount you want to invest, and the term of your investment.

A Hatboro Federal CD is a great way to lock in your savings by earning consistent interest if you don’t need immediate access to the money you invest.

Early Withdrawal Penalties for Certificates

Each depositor is insured to at least $250,000 by the FDIC.  For more information, go to http://www.fdic.gov.