Stress-Free Home Buying: Step-by-Step

Step 1: Check your credit report and score

Before contacting us, it may be smart to check your credit report.  By law, you can get a free report once a year through

Step 2: Figure out how much you can afford

Or better yet, decide how much you are willing to pay.  Just because you can qualify for a large mortgage, doesn’t mean you want a large payment.  Use our free calculators to help determine what you can afford

Step 3: Find a real estate agent

Don’t know any? Give us a call. We can provide you a list of local Realtors.

Step 4: Get prequalified

Prequalification requires the lender to pull your credit information and assess your financial situation.  The lender will then give you a letter that states the amount that they are willing to lend you based on the information you provided.  Getting your letter is easy, click here to request prequalification at Hatboro Federal Savings today. Obtaining a prequalification letter at Hatboro Federal will not impact your credit score.

Step 5: Start looking for homes

Let the serious shopping begin!  Look online, head to open houses and make appointments to walk through homes that interest you.

Step 6: Make an offer

This is when most buyers experience anxiety. Work with your Realtor to make the right offer.

Step 7: Home inspection

While the home inspector looks over the home, TAKE NOTES.  Follow him or her closely to learn everything you can about your home.  You can also use this time to measure rooms and figure out where your stuff will go.

Step 8: Apply for your loan and take a breath.  

You did all the hard work.  Now APPLY ONLINE and put your feet up.  We’ll take it from here.

Step 9: Closing day!

Bring your reading glasses – its time to read and sign, then read and sign some more. You’re almost a homeowner!

Step 10: KEYS

Success – you’re home!  Congratulations!

For more information please call the Lending Office